The studio

The Studio (Ateljén) is a part of Gammeldags and the most reason to  the company Gammeldags start in 1999.

It is named after the owner, whom as a newborne was called Kajsa by her mother. The name was after a while changed to present name, Birgith, but is now also a middle-name. The weaving has been around since the age of 20. Grand ma’s loom and a vocational course in hand weaving in the latter part of the 1960s laid the foundation and the idea was then that the knowledge would be used in a future profession. However, the education took a different path and the knowledge of weaving was put into business during leisure time, but got a solid start when the professional life in the late 1990s took a new turn.  The previous many years of experience as an ergonomist were of great practical importance to the design and development of the studio.

The equipment was expanded with several looms of different design and complexity and the studio was built with a focus on interior textiles. It has gradually narrowed down to the areas that have felt the most fascinating and allowed to develop more in depth than in width.

Today, there are a number of looms with different equipment, all of which are equipped with counter-marches to facilitate pattern formation. There are also damask and single unit harnesk looms and smaller and larger looms .  Not all looms can be accommodated in the studio but have their place in the residential buildning.

All fabrics made in the studio are of our own design and we use eco-friendly material as much as possible.