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2021-12-22 Ateljé Kajsa wish all visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2021-06-21 After this pandemic year we start planning for visitors to our studio/shop. You must have got vaccin and be free from any symptoms of sickness.  Please contact us before visiting.

2020-07-29 This year has been different with the virus Covid-19. I have been busy weaving fabrics to one local Swedish folk costume and beside that several Baby wraps. Handwoven and in damask. One of them is now in the shop. Enjoy!

2020-01-04  The new year has started with lots of days to fill with something new. Why not a new woolly scarf for the walks. See our new handwoven wool-scarf. Fits both woman and man. Want to have it in another color? Mail us your wishes.

2019-08-30 We continue to add more products to the shop. Hard to find your product?  Please contact us with your comments and wishes.

2019-08-16   It's time for the soft part of Gammeldags to get it's own shop where we can display what's going on in the studio and where you can order products in the lenght or design you want  (there are some limitations). Some items can be ordered for instant delivery,  others are made to order. If you find any problems, contact us via our web-form. See Contact us.